ear piercings for evo x heads
SFU - Nisha Earrings EvoX @ The Darkness Event
big white and black butterflies
+ Magical Butterflies + {Aii & Ego} @TCH
skin for evo x heads
 [Glam Affair] Alba [LelEVOX] @ crystal heart
wearing : blush, brows, lipgloss included in pack
 :[P]:- Matevari Gatcha @ epiphany 
for freya, kupra, legacy, perky, hourglass, maitreya, v-tech
:[P]:- Matavari Facet Earring
:[P]:- Matevari Arms
:[P]:- Matevari Dress
:[P]:- Matevari Halo
:[P]:- Matevari Harness
:[P]:- Matevari Legs
:[P]:- Matevari Mirror Aura
:[P]:- Matevari Mirrorhorns

tiny butterflies 

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